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Castle by shilohmustang
Hermequine Import - HA28by EndingStories

This is a special foal from EndingStories'

Special Hermequine GiveAway

ID:  HA 28
Pure Hérmequine :iconhermequinestudbook:
Type: Arabian
  2 years
Gender: Stallion
Height: will be 145cm
Color: Rose Grey on Silver Bay Roan
Markings: stocking, coronet, stripe and snip
Genotype:  EE/AA/nZ/Rr/Gg/HerqHerq/FthFth

Theós Rank: none
Theós Points +

(will work on later)
(show for what disciplines your horse is suitable, it´s only a small guideline, you mustn't follow the proposal and you can train your horse for another discipline) 
Conformation: 20%
Strength: 70%
Gaits: 95%
Courage: 60%
Intelligence: 80%
Stamina: 70%
Speed: 30%
Agility: 60%
Balance: 77%

-> maybe suitable for dressage

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: Silver Lightbay Roan Stallion
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: Rose Grey on Bay Mare
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

The staff of Oddity Acres gathered around as the new foal arrived and was unloaded from the trailer. Lucy giggled at his odd ankles, they seemed to have tiny wings attached to them.
"AAAWWWW he's so cute!" she squealed. The new colt did not seem to approve of her loud voice and snorted in her direction.
Geo chuckled at the thought that the small horse could have a persnickety attitude and then pulled out the paperwork that had come with him. "well, he still needs a name." he announced.
Every one kinda looked at the odd winged horse for a few minutes before a few suggestions began popping up, "how bout Angel?" "For a GUY horse!? No way!" "Hermes?" Isn't that what the breeds called?" Uh, how bout Rose? Its kinda rosey colored." "Again a guy horse!" "How bout just Wings?" "that's kinda boring."
"How bout Archimedes?" Joey smiled, looking like he had just thought of the best idea ever. But his smile soon faded when he saw every one was staring at him with a "your joking right?" kind of look.

"dude, we have a horse named that already." Max told him with a raised eyebrow. Joey looked at him for a minute then palmfaced himself.

Suddenly Lucy bounced up and down," I know! How bout Castle?"

"Castle?" Geo asked looking up from the paperwork, wondering where that name had popped up.

"Yeah look! He has a snip and Stripe! And if you kinda look at the stripe it looks like a pawn piece from a chess set." She said, pointing at the colt.

Max walked over and looked, "yeaaaaaaah..... I don't see it.

"no no, I see it, you just gotta squint your eyes, tilt your head and hop on one foot." teased another staff member and they both laughed a little.
Lucy rolled her eyes but Geo nodded, "well, if there are no other objections to the name other then not seeing the chess piece, then that will be its name." and he took a pen from his jeans pocket and wrote in Castle where it asked for the foals name.

Party rock and Caffine by shilohmustang
Party rock and Caffine
Sooo, This is just a drawing I drew after having caffine and listening to Party Rock Anthem,.... Yeah, havin a little fun with the colors XD
Background not so great cuz it wasn't drawn in, but oh well. Mian focas if the horse anyway, will fix up a background for him later.
BOOM! by shilohmustang
The bombproofing contest had begun and so far many horses had passed tarps, balloons, and grocery bags without any issue. There had been a few foals who had fled from a tarp that had been picked up by a sudden breeze or when a balloon had come loose and a careless hoof had trampled it with a frightening BANG! But that also left a few handlers terrified as well for a few seconds.

Finally it was Cottons turn, but since he was so small, he was just placed next to a trash bag instead of a tarp, and instantly tried to eat it. and instead of a whole rod of balloons he was just given one to test. He sniffed it and decided it wasn't all the interesting and when it tried to blow away, he decided it was even less interesting. He turned his back on it just as one of the judges nudged it back towards Cotton and it hit him right in the rump. The tiny unicorn swung around and rammed it with his horn to be greeted with a loud burst as the balloon popped.
Poor Cotton stood frozen as he tried to figure out what had happened, a piece of the red plastic still draped on his horn and his fur sticking out, resulting in a very odd powder puff look. Finally when some one offered to reach down and pick him up he wiggled loose and began to stab at the remaining pieces on the ground, almost as if to make sure they weren't going to "roar" at him again.
old fashioned unicorn Cotton by shilohmustang
old fashioned unicorn Cotton
Cotton, in costume as an old fashioned renaissance unicorn. Braided his tail to give him a donkey like tail and clipped his long shaggy mane into a lion like mane. It was just about all we could think of, he kept eating all of his other costume ideas!
Run Cotton Run! by shilohmustang
Run Cotton Run!
Cotton let out a sigh of boredom from inside his stall, his trainers, handlers and overall playmates had all gone off to take care of some "registration stuff" and left him...alone... in this normal sized stable that to him felt way to large and way to empty. He had already done his business in the stable many times and chewed halter off his face, and his quickly growing fur had poofed right back out and covered his tiny body. He honestly didn't know why the stable hands bothered cutting it.... other then to annoy him and to annoy themselves when he brought out his revenge upon their tack and floors.
He sighed again and flopped onto his back, sticking his hooves into the air, getting many strange looks from passing horses and handlers. Finally Cotton grew bored of this and walked over to the gate and pawed at the straw bedding until he uncovered the small gap at the bottom of the door. He stuck his head under it and twisted and turned till his horn got through, then wriggled and turned till the rest of him managed to get under, finally he popped out on the other side and looked around. the area was full of horses, people and equipment for the upcoming competitions.
Cotton hiccupped wispy little rainbows and trotted over to a table where a group of people were filling out registration stuff. Cotton trotted over  confidently and looked up at them, but was ignored. The ball of fluff snorted with annoyance and walked around the table to the officials who were passing papers to the handlers. Cotton licked his lips. MMMmmmm paper. He nudged the official, hoping she would drop the stack of tasty looking pages like Joe did back at the ranch for him, but she just itched her leg and went on talking, not even giving him a sheet!
Cotton was not amused. He flicked his ears back and nudged again harder, and this time the lady kicked out, thinking it was an annoying rolling suitcase or something that had began rolling on a slight downhill path. Cotton though, snorted and had had enough, he wanted those papery snacks and did not enjoy being kicked around! He backed up and lowered his head and pawed the ground...

"OOUCH!!" The official leapt out of her chair as Cotton's sharp horn rammed into her calf and she dropped papers everywhere. Cotton of course was their to grab a mouth full rather quickly and dart back towards his pen and wriggled back under the door to chew his new found treasure.


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Hey Every one.

Well, I have been unable to get my scaner working still >.< grrr. but I am working on it. till then I am photoshopping line arts that people let me use and also coloring in my older pics and making them a little better :D

So yeah, just discovered HARPG, and I am getting into that. ^.^ Made my own breed even!

If you would like to donate points, feel free! :D Always could use a few of those.…
EndingStories is holding a special giveaway of the breed of Hermequines. They look like a rather beautiful horse too. Winged hooves and wonderful colors and mutations.

Just click here for the official link up.

Special Hermequine GiveAway           

However the rules state you can only have a max of one hermequine already, so if you already have two three or five, you are unable to join.

Also you'll have to draw this guy in a full body pic to get a horse. Good luck to all and hurry on over cuz limited resources! ^.^
REF - #HW9 NEH Dont Blinkby EndingStories

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